Aerial Survey

By working with proactive government entities, involved organizations, and innovative people, Skylark's mapping and Drone Survey Services hope to provide drone-solutions and maps while scaling to what drones are capable of doing. Going beyond just efficient power-transmission, safer roads, better mines, or technology-enabled agriculture, a combination of maps, aerial survey videos and smart data help planners, designers and management consultants benefit from drone surveying in the planning and execution of large infrastructure projects like roadways, railways, transmission and power distribution channels with tools for analysis, technical audits, and project management.

Drone Survey Services provide 3-D visualization mapping of digitized land features, an aerial-drone map for surveys, road inventory, land-use classifications, geotechnical details, acquisition-and-survey details, and much more. Drone solutions are set to change our perspectives and way of life for a better tomorrow through cutting edge technology. An aerial survey drone may be autonomously handled and weigh in tones or be light enough to be remote-controlled from the ground. A drone is an AI-enabled result-oriented data gathering aerial survey tool or a UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

In the railway sector, an aerial survey drone was deployed to produce state-of-the-art 3-D mapping models of station areas, buildings, estimations of cut/fill volumes etc from drone survey services solutions. This helped site-engineers and project managers to effectively map in real-time using aerial-surveys, video-graphed maps, and precise accurate data. Track maintenance, review of line-constructions, detailed project-reports for upcoming sites, track-condition monitoring, asset-management of yards, encroachment inspections, signalling-equipment surveys, and repairs, and thermal or power-usage conditions analysis are some areas that aerial survey benefited hugely.

An aerial survey drone has mainly been successful in the railways, mining, land-mapping, roadways, agricultural, and power, and transmission sectors. Skylark's use of mapping drones is set to map, revolutionize and impact our daily lives with drone surveying.

Where we matter

Skylark Drones in Infrastructure
  • Ortho, DSM, DTM
  • Building GIS Layers
  • Construction Monitoring

Our drone solutions digitize urban spaces and transportation infrastructure to enable smarter feasibility studies, detailed project reporting and efficient construction monitoring by integrating applications that are built on accurate and high-resolution orthmosaics, elevation maps, GIS layers and videography.

Skylark Drones in Utilities
  • Route Planning
  • Asset Inspection
  • Encroachment Detection

We plan, monitor and secure vital links and assets such as powerlines, pipelines and solar panels through route planning analytics, asset inspection, and maintenance solutions that make sure capacity for assets to generate and transport energy and materials is utilised, encroachment is prevented and maintenance is automated.

Skylark Drones in Mining
  • Stockpile Management
  • Boundary Inspection
  • Geospatial Mapping

Mining requires an intimate understanding of the land and how we shape it. We offer web based solutions that continually map & monitor topography, inspect lease boundaries and help track volume production through digital 3-D mine models that reproduce contours, haul roads, stockpiles and lease boundaries.

Skylark Drones in Agriculture
  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Yield Projection
  • Precision Farming

Our agricultural management solution combines crop counting, yield estimation and weed detection into one integrated agribusiness platform that allows the perspective of a drone to give ground level crop and farm analytics.

How Our Solutions Make a Difference