Why Drones as a Service?

Zero Operational Cost
Zero Operational Cost
Maximize Productivity
Access to cutting-edge technology
No need of expansive processing softwares
Dedicated Account Manager

Take the full benefits of drone technology with our Drone as a Service Solution

Faster Road Surveys
Spectra helps reduce land survey timelines from months to days and improves construction monitoring efficiency by 20% using intelligence built on drone data
Accurate Volumetric Measurements
Spectra helps rapidly measure and track the journey of production from source to stockpile with an accuracy of 99% so you're always in control
Accurate Yield Estimations
Agribusinesses use Spectra to improve their yield predictions to 97% across farms and improve the quality of governance for better sustainability
Deploy Solar Energy Faster
From hydrological insights to managing contractors, Spectra provides AI driven drone solutions that reduce construction time per MW by 25%

Reinvent your worksite with our DrAAS Solution

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