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Drone NPNT compliance

DronePass consists of a hardware module and integration solution that helps drone manufacturers, OEMs, system integrators, and resellers integrate their drones with Digital Sky

Execute compliant drone flights in 3 easy steps

drone flying Digital Sky
Plug and pair your drone

The DronePass module integrates with open source autopilots ArduPilot and PX4 or be customized to your native autopilot

drone registration Digital Sky
Register with a click

DronePass generates a unique identity for the drone and registers it with Digital Sky as per the standards and protocols outlined by the DGCA

compliant drone flight
Get permissions, takeoff

The DronePass module serves as the compliance bridge between the operator and Digital Sky to request permissions and maintain flight logs

DronePass is built by India's 1st compliant drone solutions provider

As founders of private drone industry body DICE, we have been at the forefront of working with the Indian government on strong and forward-thinking drone regulations

DronePass is built to enable compliance at scale

secure drone compliance
FIPS 140-2 compliant

The DronePass module is compliant with FIPS 140-2 cryptographic standards to maintain information confidentiality and integrity

drone compliance anywhere
Connect anywhere with WiFi

DronePass connects with the Ground Control Station over WiFi to enable compliance from anywhere.

drone compliance interface
OS agnostic interface

DronePass interface runs on an OS agnostic interface that requires only a web browser to get going.

drone compliance DGCA
DGCA approved

DronePass is one of the first NP-NT modules to be approved by India's Civil Aviation regulatory body.

drone autopilot compliance
PX4 and Ardupilot ready

The DronePass module is ready to integrate with today's most widely used open-source flight stacks.

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