Drone Pilot Jobs in India

The advent and subsequent popularity of drones in India have ushered an array of opportunity for amateur enthusiasts and experts alike. The demand for drone-based solutions in multiple commercial and infrastructural fields in the country has resulted in a boom of Drone pilot jobs in India. The employment options levied through the widespread applications of the UAVs might be viewed as an additional benefit to the Indian youth and a much-needed boost to the national hiring rates.

The Director General of Civil Aviation, under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, set the requisites for flying drones through the announcement of National Drone Policy, 2018. The regulation which has been titled Requirements for Operation of Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), sets down the eligibility of the drone operator as well as the requirements for the device. Any operators interested in Drone pilot jobs in India are bound to abide by the postulates of the policy.

Some preliminary regulations to be followed by all aspirants for Drone pilot jobs in India include

  • The operator must be an adult and a citizen of India.
  • The operator must have passed the 10th exam in English.
  • The operator must have undergone training on the ground and necessary practice.

Apart from the above requirements, the pilot must register the drone, its owner and the operator prior to individual flights. Obtaining permissions for the flight from the authorities through the Digital Sky app is mandatory, which forms the No Permission, No Take-off (NPNT). A trained drone operator seeking a drone pilot job in India must be aware of the categories of drones and their respective compliances to be fulfilled. Along with this, a sound knowledge of flying zones is crucial. The safety of the drone and the pilot are ensured through these regulations.

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Skylark Drones in Infrastructure
  • Ortho, DSM, DTM
  • Building GIS Layers
  • Construction Monitoring

Our drone solutions digitize urban spaces and transportation infrastructure to enable smarter feasibility studies, detailed project reporting and efficient construction monitoring by integrating applications that are built on accurate and high-resolution orthmosaics, elevation maps, GIS layers and videography.

Skylark Drones in Utilities
  • Route Planning
  • Asset Inspection
  • Encroachment Detection

We plan, monitor and secure vital links and assets such as powerlines, pipelines and solar panels through route planning analytics, asset inspection, and maintenance solutions that make sure capacity for assets to generate and transport energy and materials is utilised, encroachment is prevented and maintenance is automated.

Skylark Drones in Mining
  • Stockpile Management
  • Boundary Inspection
  • Geospatial Mapping

Mining requires an intimate understanding of the land and how we shape it. We offer web based solutions that continually map & monitor topography, inspect lease boundaries and help track volume production through digital 3-D mine models that reproduce contours, haul roads, stockpiles and lease boundaries.

Skylark Drones in Agriculture
  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Yield Projection
  • Precision Farming

Our agricultural management solution combines crop counting, yield estimation and weed detection into one integrated agribusiness platform that allows the perspective of a drone to give ground level crop and farm analytics.

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