Drones in Construction Industry

Infrastructure is the backbone to the development of any nation. Implementation of infrastructural improvement can be thought of as the litmus test over which the progress of a region can be established. Innovation in improving construction project monitoring and infrastructure development can open gateways to optimization and increased results in the field. The involvement of drones in construction provided by our solutions is certainly a path-breaker.

The advancement of technology in the field of aerial intelligence is positively affecting and progressively aiding multiple fields. One of the prime areas gaining benefits of technology is the construction industry. The application of the unmanned aerial vehicles or Drones in construction is revolutionizing the industry, by simplifying several conventionally tedious practices and tasks such as surveying sites, improving surveillance, acquiring data, processing, and result in delivery. Construction project monitoring and monitoring are simplified through the use of drones.

The preliminary step in any construction project monitoring - surveying the lands, has been greatly facilitated through drones in construction. Our drone solutions for surveillance and data acquisition optimize both the time and cost involved in the task. The bird's-eye view levied by the UAVs is highly effective. Planning the construction and real-time feasibility of the proposed project can be simplified by leaps and bounds through our diversified solutions in construction. Elimination of human error usually encountered in these processes gives the client an edge in project implementation.

The processes involved in the progression of a construction project such as tracking of progress and materials, remote detection and surveillance for assisting contractors and site engineers have been reduced to a matter of a few clicks. Acquisition and analysis of all the collected data is an added facility crowning our drone-based solutions the aerial intelligence.

Where we matter

Skylark Drones in Infrastructure
  • Ortho, DSM, DTM
  • Building GIS Layers
  • Construction Monitoring

Our drone solutions digitize urban spaces and transportation infrastructure to enable smarter feasibility studies, detailed project reporting and efficient construction monitoring by integrating applications that are built on accurate and high-resolution orthmosaics, elevation maps, GIS layers and videography.

Skylark Drones in Utilities
  • Route Planning
  • Asset Inspection
  • Encroachment Detection

We plan, monitor and secure vital links and assets such as powerlines, pipelines and solar panels through route planning analytics, asset inspection, and maintenance solutions that make sure capacity for assets to generate and transport energy and materials is utilised, encroachment is prevented and maintenance is automated.

Skylark Drones in Mining
  • Stockpile Management
  • Boundary Inspection
  • Geospatial Mapping

Mining requires an intimate understanding of the land and how we shape it. We offer web based solutions that continually map & monitor topography, inspect lease boundaries and help track volume production through digital 3-D mine models that reproduce contours, haul roads, stockpiles and lease boundaries.

Skylark Drones in Agriculture
  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Yield Projection
  • Precision Farming

Our agricultural management solution combines crop counting, yield estimation and weed detection into one integrated agribusiness platform that allows the perspective of a drone to give ground level crop and farm analytics.

How Our Solutions Make a Difference