Frequently Asked Questions

New technology brings with it new questions that range from regulations to prices, please go through the list of queries below to find the answer you are looking for. There are a few things we would like to get out of the way that might save you the trouble of going through the rest of the section.


We are an end to end drone solutions company, working on a DaaS(Drone as a Service) model across mining, utilities and infrastructure verticals.
We offer 3 primary solutions
  1. Mapping
  2. Monitoring
  3. Inspection
These primary solutions are combined to offer industry specific solutions. For instance our project management solution for the roadways sector combines mapping and monitoring to help project managers and key stakeholders better track the progress of a project.
In case your vertical is not listed, we would be delighted to hear from you and develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.
We wouldn’t want our customers bearing the responsibility of drone related incidents and investing time and capital to train drone pilots. Skylark Drones seeks to offer a hassle free experience to the client, hence has opted to operate on a services model.


Our fleet of custom built fixed wing drones cover ~750 Acres* in one hour. Additionally our nimble quadcopters can be used in unforgiving topographies to cover ~100 Acres* in an hour.

*Under ideal flying conditions and a resolution of 3cm GSD.
Our drone fleet is currently equipped to carry RGB visual sensors for photogrammetry. We are expanding our solution offering to provide thermal and NDVI solutions.

Data And Analysis

Based on our primary solutions we offer the following outputs
  1. Meta data used for mapping and modelling in the form of high resolution Orthomosaic, Digital Surface Models (DSM) and 3D Point clouds.
  2. High Definition videos and photographs.
  3. The date we provide has an accuracy of 4-6 cm* in the X-Y plane and 6-8 cm* in the Z plane. Under ideal flying conditions and plain terrain
For application involving mapping use cases we provide data that is compatible with commercially available software in formats such as .geotiff, .lsy., .dxf and more. Photography and video outputs are provided in standard data formats compatible with popular photo and video rendering software
During on site operations, Ground Control Points ( GCPs) are used to ensure that the end output meets the requisite accuracy standard. All our data is vetted through strict quality control process to reiterate our commitment towards data authenticity.
These are exercises wherein we geo locate visual markers placed on the ground. Data acquired by the drone is coupled with on ground equipment to increase accuracy.