A Typical Day at Skylark Drones

There are very few drone companies in India that take technology from ideation through algorithms, proof of concepts and systemic reservations to create actual value. From flying drones, developing new age solutions to helping decision makers understand how drones are not just flying cameras, a typical day at Skylark isn’t your typical day at any other startup.

We do three simple things, we fly drones, we write code, we think common sense but most of all we do all of this together.

1You will fly and break new ground

Being a part of the team means being involved with developing tech that makes drones smarter and safer to fly and captaining drone fleets in locations that are almost as breathtaking as the people you will meet on their travels.

2You will write and create

What good is data without the necessary tools, algorithms and eye for detail to turn it into something meaningful? Working with the web solution and analysis team entails developing algorithms, designing intuitive and functional interfaces and turning mountains of data into insight gold mines.

3You will tell stories that connect

How do you find enterprises that need drone solutions the most? How do you help them realise the value of drone solutions after that? Finding these answers and turning them into stories, relationships by building trust is what the business development team here does.

Life at skylark drones

Nekhelesh Ramanathan

Nekhelesh Ramanathan

UAS Integration Engineer

Working at Skylark Drones

Startups innovate not only in what they set out to conquer but also in the ways they go about doing it. Want to change the conventional meeting place of the team? Why not meet at the roof top? Or Starbucks? At the end of the day what matters is whether you got the job done...

Spandan Kumar Sahu

Spandan Kumar Sahu

(Winter Intern, 2017)

Interning at Skylark Drones

I am happy that I could be a part of a company which I strongly believe will be the next big thing in Indian industry ecosystem. The plethora of experience I gained will definitely refine my skills. It was a real delight to see everyone make some time off their busy work hours, to make me understand something or help me out in all possible ways. And the amount of hard work you guys put in, and your passion towards the goal, was simply amazing

Current Openings

    Full Time
  • .Engineering
  • .Drone Operations
  • .Business Development
  • Internships

Computer Vision Engineer

As most drone data is in the form of images of some sort, majority of the insights that we can provide would benefit from the application of computer vision technology. From automatically identifying roads, buildings and trees, to detecting cracks in solar panels, and counting crops, computer vision is at the core of a large part of the value that we can provide as a drone solutions enterprise.

Front End Developer

As a frontend developer, there are a lot of exciting things that need to be done in this environment. As new use-cases are discovered, prototypes will need to be built, and as some of these use cases prove to be of real value to the customer, portals will have to be built to deliver large streams of data, insight and analysis. All this work will have to be modular, so that the same features can be incorporated into other industries if it is relevant.

GIS Application Engineer

As a GIS Engineer, this is a very exciting environment to work in. Working first hand with the data allows you to really see what can be derived out of it. You will have to analyse the data, and see what additional insight can be drawn out of it to increase value in our final deliverable. Tools will have to be developed, and workflows will have to be created so that the same operations can be conducted at scale.

iOS Developer

As an iOS developer, we provide a unique opportunity. Apps have to be designed and built for a variety of users and use-cases. Drone operators need apps to streamline their workflows, while customers need apps to view, analyse and collaborate on the data that we provide.

Drone Pilot

The Skylark Drones operations wing requires pilots on the ground adept at not only handling multi-rotors and fixed wing planes but challenging environments and enormous projects as well. This is a position not for the faint of heart but for the ones whose minds are ignited by wings of fire.

Business Development Executive

As a Business Development Executive the candidate is expected to generate B2B sales from target industries and discover the market potential in other sectors and markets. Over a period of time, the individual is expected to head business development and provide sales driven consultation as a solution expert for implementing drone solutions in key industry verticals.

Market Analyst

Understanding potential of Skylark Drone solutions in different sectors and the methods to go about realising the value across domains, stakeholders and channels. Scoping, scouting and surveying market realities for various geographies. Devising digital marketing and sales strategies for the same

Digital Media Marketer

The challenge will be to illustrate, design and ideate marketing tools that can communicate how drones can help traditional sectors like mining and infrastructure across digital media such as social media and e-mail. This involves assimilating and projecting information in the form of creatives, presentations and white papers etc.

Social Media Marketing Intern

As the deputy general in charge of managing the presence of Skylark Drones on Social Media, one is expected to generate SEO friendly content, actively manage and distribute content on creating awareness and spreading knowledge about how drones can help the society. Use visual tools such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to design the content as well.

UI/UX Intern

The UI/UX intern at Skylark Drones is expected to work on improving wireframes and mockups for web based asset management solutions. Work with consultants and the engineering team to develop user journeys, and mockups optimised for a wide range of devices and aid in content creation for various social media platforms.

Computer Science Intern

As a developer, this is a very exciting environment to work in. As the ideas roll in, tools and prototypes have to be built, and demos have to be presented. You will have to help the drone operators optimise their planning, write a script for the GIS technicians to figure out the statistics about the dataset they are processing, and automate all the pipelines so that the web team can deliver all the insights we have derived on our web platform. Then you can take a lunch break.

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