A Typical Day at Skylark Drones

There are very few drone companies in India that take technology from ideation through algorithms, proof of concepts and systemic reservations to create actual value. From flying drones, developing new age solutions to helping decision makers understand how drones are not just flying cameras, a typical day at Skylark isn’t your typical day at any other startup.

We do three simple things, we fly drones, we write code, we think common sense but most of all we do all of this together.

1You will fly and break new ground

Being a part of the team means being involved with developing tech that makes drones smarter and safer to fly and captaining drone fleets in locations that are almost as breathtaking as the people you will meet on their travels.

2You will write and create

What good is data without the necessary tools, algorithms and eye for detail to turn it into something meaningful? Working with the web solution and analysis team entails developing algorithms, designing intuitive and functional interfaces and turning mountains of data into insight gold mines.

3You will tell stories that connect

How do you find enterprises that need drone solutions the most? How do you help them realise the value of drone solutions after that? Finding these answers and turning them into stories, relationships by building trust is what the business development team here does.

Life at skylark drones

Nekhelesh Ramanathan

Nekhelesh Ramanathan

UAS Integration Engineer

Working at Skylark Drones

Startups innovate not only in what they set out to conquer but also in the ways they go about doing it. Want to change the conventional meeting place of the team? Why not meet at the roof top? Or Starbucks? At the end of the day what matters is whether you got the job done...

Spandan Kumar Sahu

Spandan Kumar Sahu

(Winter Intern, 2017)

Interning at Skylark Drones

I am happy that I could be a part of a company which I strongly believe will be the next big thing in Indian industry ecosystem. The plethora of experience I gained will definitely refine my skills. It was a real delight to see everyone make some time off their busy work hours, to make me understand something or help me out in all possible ways. And the amount of hard work you guys put in, and your passion towards the goal, was simply amazing

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