Mining & Agri

We depend on the land for almost everything we have, no two sectors amplify the spectrum of our dependence and complicated relationship with the ground below us more than mining and agriculture


The source of our sustenance is as diverse and vast as the global family that produces the food we eat. Drone solutions bring in timely disruption to a sector whose time to reap the benefits of digital solutions has come

Skylark Drones for Agriculture
Where productivity meets scalability

Agribusiness companies operating in multiple countries face unique challenges posed by small distributed land holdings and a lack of information management. Managing yield, maintaining quality and inspecting farms is fertile ground for disruptive solutions to flourish

Skylark Drones for yield estimation, crop monitoring, etc.
Drone solutions can enable growth

Skylark Drone solution has built and deployed a drone solution for agribusiness farm and yield management that integrates insights about farm dimensions, ownership and crop count, and details of farms spread across thousands of sq. kms. Yield estimation, due diligence and performance management are some of the possibilities that can blossom from our solution