Powerlines and cell towers are distributed assets that require constant maintenance and diagnosis to ensure minimal energy loss. Drone solutions offer a smarter way to reduce our losses creating and transporting this energy.

Powerline / Telecommunication

Electricity and data are the twin pillars for a growing digital economy. Drone solutions ensure that critical power infrastructure supports us without interruption or failure

Skylark Drones for Powerline & Telecomunication Industry
Of dropped calls and power cuts..

Powerlines and cell towers are more critical to connecting people than roads and railways as they the shed light of modernization and knowledge. However, the inspection and vegetation management of cell towers and powerlines across remote terrain continues to remain a critical challenge to ensure we stay connected to spread the light.

Skylark Drones for maintenance of Powerlines and Telecom towers
Drone solutions connect people

Our drones solution enable “walk over” surveys by flying over terrain to optimize routes, digitize assets and capture elevation data. This is delivered on a single platform to enable vegetation management, inspection and compliance monitoring of cell towers and powerlines with the use of high resolution videography and geo-spatial data.