The way we transfer energy and materials is as important as the way we produce them. Drone solutions offer a smarter way to reduce our losses creating and transporting energy.


Power is the backbone for a growing economy. Drone solutions ensure that critical power infrastructure supports us without interruption or failure.

What is the problem?

Powerlines and Cell Towers suffer from inadequate planning and shoddy inspection due to the nature of the assets and the remote locations in which they are deployed. This leads to an increase in turnaround time and even loss of lives during inspection and planning phases.

How do we solve it?

By producing RoW maps that allow for pro active planning and comprehensive inspections. Drone solutions are more secure and offer a more productive means of assessment and management.


Pipelines play a vital role in moving material resources and energy. Drone solutions ensure the smooth functioning of these prime movers.

What is the problem?

Since pipelines follow the topography of the land, they are more vulnerable to vegetative encroachments and harmful leaks. There are also no parallel roads for regular inspections and traditional aerial methods are expensive.

How do we solve it?

Drone solutions can not only detect encroachemnts but also sense leaks that are not visible to the eye. Their dynamic nature allows them to be deployed during the planning, commissioning and operating phases at a high frequency.


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Renewables are the way forward to satiate the energy needs of a modern society. Drone solutions ensure that the maintenance and security challenges posed by them are addressed efficiently and effectively.

What is the problem?

Solar and wind farms are often spread across large areas that are remote, thereby increasing the time required for clearances and planning. Accurate and high resolution contour maps are often lacking for efficient capacity utilization.

How do we solve it?

Tailoring outputs such as contour maps and orthomosaics that are compatible with engineering software through a much faster process


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