Drone Data Processing - Challenges & Solutions

The ever-improving capabilities & affordability of drones have made it possible to reduce delays, reworks, and safety issues to drive better project performance and productivity in work-sites across sectors. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges associated with drone data.

Having processed over 7 million worksite images, we have gained the understanding of possible issues of drone data processing and figured out ways to mitigate them. In this webinar, we will discuss everything about drone data processing, the challenges & solutions.


1. What are the common issues with drone data processing

2. The on-field issues that result in bad data

3. How to prepare your drone data for processing

4. How does cloud based drone data processing work & what are the advantages

5. Spectra: Introduction to Skylark's cloud-based processing engine

Link to watch the on-demand webinar: https://landing.skylarkdrones.com/dronedataprocessing

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