February 9, 2022

Drones for Flood Risk Assessment for worksites of the future

Changing weather conditions, rainfall patterns in specific, are creating a lot of unprecedented issues at worksites across all sectors. Many sites are flooded due to drastic changes in water flow patterns, resulting in damage to property and mankind alike.

As one of the pioneers in remote assessment of water safety of worksites, we have developed a spatial decision system using geospatial technology to create coping strategies and disaster risk reduction plans specific to each site.

Watch this Webinar to understand your site’s water safety and learn how to get sustainable plans for stormwater management.


  • What is Flood Risk Assessment?
  • Why does your site need this assessment?
  • How are flood risk assessments done?
  • How to get this done in a quick and efficient method?
  • How is drone survey different from traditional methods?
  • How can we design an efficient drainage system with this data?

Link to the on-demand webinar: https://landing.skylarkdrones.com/hydrology

Skylark Drones