The new MCDR rules and mines of the future

As per the new MCDR Rules, all mines in India need to mandatorily carry out Drone Survey & submit digital images (DEMs and Orthomosaic) of the mining area to the controller general. The  MCDR Amendment aims to not only improve mine planning practices, security and safety in the mines but also ensure better supervision of mining operations in India. The amendment indicates a clear signal that the Government of India intends to ensure efficient mine operations within the lease area by implementing the latest Drone Survey technology. At Skylark, we are work with multiple large mining companies in India like Ultratech Cements, Tata Steel to help them with advanced drone technology to carry out seamless MCDR complied drone surveys & inspections.

Understand how to kickstart your drone program and comply to the new MCDR Rules

Watch the webinar to understand the New MCDR Rules


1. What is the new MCDR amendment
2. How to submit data as per the MCDR rules
3. The different aspects of a drone survey
4. How to start your own drone program
5. In-house versus out-sourced drone survey: factors to consider

Link to the on-demand webinar:

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